Who we are

ASPRIME is a company specializing in the sales, marketing and logistics of healthcare products, medical devices, and IT systems involving various healthcare software; patient profile system, inventory management, Hospital/Laboratory/Radiology Information System.

ASPRIME serves both private and public hospitals, independent and chain pharmacies and other healthcare institutions where ASPRIME’ products and services can be applied.

ASPRIME provides manufacturers and distributors alike, a full range of supply chain efficiencies including sales, marketing, and third-party logistics. From our distribution centre in, CARAGA Region, we market products from a wide variety of manufacturers to distributors and re-sellers.

What we do

In-depth understanding

We bring in the essentials of care to the underserved medical facilities to acute care and ambulatory providers and to progressive healthcare centers with a comprehensive solution. We empower them to perform best practices in their specific field of expertise. We supplement their deficiencies and equip them with the latest trends and technologies in the healthcare landscape. We enable them to soar at their highest level of performance.

Best-value propositions

We are focused on providing our clients with solutions that are of the highest quality and standards. We make sure that our proposals are in line with the cost-benefit analysis of our client’s requirement. We want them to be more sustainable and innovative as they focus on giving the patients quality care that they deserve.

Innovative and significant solutions

We are continuously in search for and apply the best available solutions across the entire value chain process. From market research, product selection and sourcing, to launching and marketing, to distribution and logistics support, to demand and risk management. This collaborative effort had made us to produce a much more all-inclusive offering that provides measurable, efficient and sustainable improvements across the healthcare ecosystem.

Our Story

ASPRIME INTERNATIONAL INC. was founded by young aspiring entrepreneurs and healthcare professionals who saw the need and are passionate for healthcare advancement.

ASPRIME INTERNATIONAL INC. started in 2013 as a healthcare products division of a Wholesale Trading Company that markets industrial materials in Region XIII, Philippines. ASPRIME’s managing head forged a business collaboration agreement with the General Manager and Sole Proprietor of the Wholesale Trading Company. It was plainly the basics of buy and sell of pharmaceutical products, medical devices and in-vitro diagnostic kits, medical and clinical instrument and equipment to cater to the demand within its territory. In 2015, an official entity was registered to Philippine Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC), naming ASPRIME INTERNATIONAL CO. LTD. It was named from its corporate core values “Advancement, Support, Passion, Reliable, Integrity, Innovation, Motivation, Enthusiasm in Continuing Education and Ethical in business conduct.” It continued to serve the major and far flung healthcare facilities and as well expanding its product lines to almost “General Healthcare Products”. Its primary purpose is to empower healthcare facilities by bridging the gap from a functional state to a much more progressive and universal healthcare system that will ultimately benefit the patients and employees and be the preferred partner to all stakeholders in the industry.

In 2017, ASPRIME INTERNATIONAL INC. has been incorporated. One of its main objectives is to market its very own product in the Philippines. Its dedication to inclusive, diversified and best-value healthcare products has been their competitive advantage. ASPRIME aspires to be the frontrunner of innovative products and services and be recognized in the forefronts of continuous improvement in the industry.

Currently, ASPRIME is going through diversified investment vehicles such as real estate, road and bridges construction, industrial materials sales and food beverage industries.

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To be recognized as the prime partner in uplifting patients’ quality of life by bringing the essentials of care within reach: Excellent Customer Support paired with Diversified, Inclusive, Best-Value Healthcare Solutions which extends across the continuum of care in the Philippines.


To create value by bringing in the right balance of innovations: excellent customer support matched with diversified, inclusive, best-value healthcare solutions which transcends to uplifting patient’s quality of life. To cultivate a culture of growing together as an individual, as a team, as and for the community. To secure a profitable and safe return for shareholders and to achieve financial strength for the company.

Our Core Values


We focus on building personal and long-term relationship with our customers. One of our greatest competencies is the value we create through customer satisfaction and exceeding their expectations. It’s our forever mission to earn and sustain our customers trust.

Customers are our first priority. It is how we make our customers feel our willingness to serve. We always tailor our solutions according to our customer’s needs. We continue to cultivate a customer-centric cultural team. We are sensitive to the pain-points of our customers and are driven to go above and beyond in serving them.


Trust is the most important element for us to communicate openly and honestly. It should be sustainable and built from the purest of our intentions to ultimately contribute in making the world a better place to live.

We welcome and value all contributions. Creating an environment of high morale. We work in tandem with our team, clients and partners towards a common goal and objective to deliver exceptional results to our clients. We uplift every member of the team, giving credit even to the simplest accomplishment. We never leave any teammate behind, we have each other’s back, altogether we march towards our vision.


Passion is the inner strength that motivates every individual to courageously take bold steps in making their dreams come to reality.

We believe that the relentless pursuit of perfection in our business practices, processes, and procedures will yield remarkable outcomes—for both our firm and the clients we serve. This fierce commitment to excellence is shared by our team members and impacts every aspect of our company; from the way we communicate with our clients to the care and diligence we practice in managing their concern.


We live in a world of cultural diversity. We value respect to eliminate the chances of conflict, miscommunication and slow decisions.

We are adaptive to change and embrace all the feedback in a positive way and to rapidly respond to our customers and team’s needs. We take part to make every member of the ecosystem more open and receptive – creating more effective and productive relationship.


We do what we say we will do.

We practice the highest ethics in our business. It’s the solid foundation that our company upholds. Its one of the “why” we are worthy of our customers trust.



  • ASPRIME customers represent multiple distribution channels for medical and surgical products across the healthcare continuum of care
  • ASPRIME serves as an extension of the supplier’s own sales and marketing team
  • ASPRIME suppliers enjoy the supply chain efficiency and transportation savings of making a single large shipments to ASPRIME
  • ASPRIME suppliers enjoy a reduction in administrative supply chain cost by transacting with ASPRIME
  • ASPRIME suppliers receive complete sales tracings for all transactions
  • ASPRIME offers a full menu of third-party logistics services
  • ASPRIME reduces your total supply chain expense


  • ASPRIME provide proven products from reputable manufacturers
  • ASPRIME have no dues or membership fees
  • ASPRIME provide competitive pricing with favorable terms and condition of sale
  • ASPRIME provide dependable and reliable service on all orders
  • ASPRIME ship multiple products from different manufacturers in a consolidated shipment to you… with one purchase order, one packing list, and one invoice combined with a single customer service point of contact
  • ASPRIME reduce your total supply chain expense